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The Fairytale Quest

Information for parents and teachers


The story is based on well-loved fairytales so that children may already find it familiar and feel comfortable with the characters.  


The main character is someone real children can identify with - usually pleasant, but sometimes a bit of a brat - and she has a real-life, modern family. 


The main character's jealousy of her baby brother is something to which many children will be able to relate.


The story is aimed at ages 7-12, although it can be enjoyed by younger children with the help of a parent or teacher.


Older children will have fun identifying the well-known fairytale characters met throughout the story.


Fourteen black-and-white illustrations enhance the action. 


Real-life issues like bullying, rudeness and parents' problems are touched on lightly but sensitively, for which reason teachers will find the book useful for class discussion.


While children will hopefully find the story exciting, there is no violence in the action and there is a happy and positive ending with redemption for the main character.